Proper Conduct When Dealing with Trading Pins

With collecting trading pins, you get to meet a lot of enthusiasts as well. These people are also out to meet other collectors to be able to buy, sell, or trade with them in order for their collection to grow more or to be able to get a complete set of pins of a certain theme. When interacting with other collectors, etiquette is always necessary. This ensures that each interaction will be smooth and proper.

Here are a few tips to remember when you start talking with other collectors:

•    Finding out who collects trading pins during special events is fairly easy. Most collectors would show off their pins by wearing them on their clothes, vests, or hats so that they can “showcase” their goods. If you want to get their attention, just politely call them and then point out a pin that you’re interested in.

•    When pointing out a pin that you want, make sure that you don’t touch the pin out of respect to the owner; you can instead ask them to bring the pin closer so you can inspect it further.

•    Make sure that the pins that you bring along for trade are undamaged, presentable, and clean.

pins•    If you like a certain pin but you don’t have all the information about it, you can ask the owner of the pin for more detail. You can also ask other collectors for their opinion.

•    If you are not sure of the conditions that the collector you’re talking to has set during the trade, you may politely call it off; you must also not force a fellow collector to agree with the conditions that you would place during a trade.

•    When you point out a pin that you want, make sure to present a pin that would have an equal value that you’ll want to give in exchange. You should also have your own collection readily available so that the collector that you’re talking to might find something interesting among the pins that you have and suggest another trade.

•    If you see two collectors that are already talking about a trade, do not interrupt them; wait until they are finished before you approach them.

•    A handshake and saying, “Thank you,” are all that you’ll need to do to properly end the trade.

If you are far away and not able to attend trading events, it is still possible to make a trade with other collectors, thanks to the Internet. There are online message boards and forums dedicated for those that collect trading pins. Some even show their collections on such online hubs. If you are interested in a certain pin, you can send them a private message or an email to let them know you’re interested.

Your behavior online must still be observed. Unlike talking face-to-face, it is harder to show your emotion with the use of words, and some might misinterpret your use of words.

There are few things that you must keep in mind when making an online trade:

•    Do not use all-caps when writing a message, as this will look like you are shouting or being angry.

•    Patiently wait for a reply from a person that you’ve sent a message to. Only do a follow-up message if you don’t get a reply from him after a few days.

•    If someone sends you a message, try to reply to him as soon as you can.

•    If you see an interesting pin and you’re not sure of its value, try to ask other collectors that might be online as well. It is also best to ask about the reputation of the collector that had posted the pin.

Whether it is an online trade or face-to-face, remember to behave properly with collectors of trading pins so that everyone will have a good time and trading will remain hassle-free.